What our clients are saying about us:

"We have been with the company since they opened. The trocar kits come with options, has everything we need in it, and it works great for our needs. The customer service is outstanding! Whenever I place an order or have a question Nicole gets back to me promptly. She and her staff do whatever it takes to make it work and the product is always delivered when they say it will be.

It is so refreshing to work with a company who not only delivers what they promise but they do it with such great customer service! I would highly recommend kadara™ medical!"

"I have a busy gynecology practice here in south Florida and hormone pellets have really become the busiest part of my daily routine, over the past several years. It's what brings in the majority of my new patients, and it consistently keeps my established patients coming back.
I've tried several different disposable insertion kits along the way and I can really say, these kits that kadara™ medical make are amazing. They're complete, convenient, and above all, give the procedure a very professional look. This impresses the patients and validates my pellet practice even more. There's really no other comparison on the market.
The trocars have surgical precision, the tray has an organization that is intuitive, and using these kits allows me to perform the procedure quicker and smoother, and that means more satisfied patients."
Dr. Jabal Uffelman

“I really love these trays so much better than others, especially love the cup for dropping pellets in.The stainless steel Trocars have made a big difference.”
Dr. Stephen Center

“My patients tell me how comfortable and painless the procedure is.”
Renee McCarty