Reusable Pellet Trocar Devices

Experience the possible.

kadara medical™ introduces the most innovative line of reusable trocar devices on the market combining Physician Precision with Patient Comfort.

Advantages of our Reusable Devices

We offer two sizes of reusable devices in both 3.2mm and 4.5mm size for 200mg Testosterone pellets.

  • Devices are made in Premium Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • NEW Diamond Point design provides significant reduction in patient trauma compared to bevel cut
  • Easier Procedure for Physician especially with male patients and repeated insertions after build up in scar tissue
  • New shorter length to prevent over insertion
  • Flat platform makes pellet insertion easier to prevent dropping
  • Turned from one solid piece of metal to prevent bending and crushing
  • New design offers interchangeable components-No more matching