A Device As Diverse As Its Patients

kadara™ medical Bolsters Transgender And Non-Binary Healthcare Awareness During The Holiday Season And Beyond

kadara™ medical, makers of premium, patient-centric trocar kits, and sets, launches an educational social media campaign to recognize and support the diversity of transgender and non-binary people. The goals of the campaign are to increase the visibility of gender-diverse people, open a supportive dialogue, illuminate the fact that no two gender affirmation journeys are alike, and bring elevated support to “new year’s affirmations”—while bringing to light awareness of ‘authentication of self’ this holiday season.

The advertising campaign, “A Device As Diverse As Its Patients” features five people with stories about their authentic, unique gender identity journeys. While reassuring transgender and non-binary individuals that there is no one path forward, the campaign also aims to educate medical professionals and the general population about the exceptional diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Crow, one of the campaign models, shares their journey. “When I was young, I was taught that sex and gender were inextricably linked. Femininity was an exhausting daily performance that led to severe mental health struggles,” says Crow. “Thanks to the trans visibility and trans community support, I was able to break free of these limiting beliefs and imagine new possibilities. Today, I identify as “non-binary”. I see my gender as a creative process of self-expression that is responsive, emergent, and fluid.”  

Kadara Medical, which has a unique diamond-shaped trocar design to reduce discomfort during minimally invasive surgical procedures, has taken an inclusive, supportive approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and hormone affirming therapy (HAT). At the same time, the company continues to emphasize that gender affirmation hormone therapy is a choice, not a certainty, among transitioning and de-transitioning persons. “At Kadara Medical, we champion individuality as an LGBTQ+ owned business. We recognize that we are an exceptional choice for some transgender and non-binary people—but not all. That said, we celebrate all. That’s the difference between a corporation and a family-run business, as this is our family.” said Jonathan Bergstrom, CEO of Kadara Medical.

Trocars have been traditionally used in hormone replacement therapy procedures and are becoming more commonplace as the demand for transgender and non-binary gender-affirming hormone therapies increase. Today, there are 1.6 million transgender people ages 13 and older and 1.2 million non-binary people in the United States.

Through research and focus groups, Kadara Medical discovered an alarming lack of access to gender-affirming healthcare, making it difficult for transgender and non-binary people to get quality care. Additionally, insurance often does not cover specialized care, making gender-affirming therapies expensive, sometimes prohibitively. Kadara Medical is a champion for the LGBTQ+ community in shining a rainbow spotlight on this under-served community, during the holiday season and beyond.

Kadara Medical is committed to expanding diversity training among medical professionals, furthering HAT, and increasing LGBTQ+ access to healthcare. From the campaign, “A Device As Diverse As Its Patients”, three important messages have surfaced in the context of Kadara Medical: there is a great need to inform and educate medical practitioners on how to connect with their transgender and non-binary patients; affordability of therapies itself is essential to pass onto patients, and patient comfort delivered by Kadara’s proprietary medical device design.

Kadara Medical is a world-recognized manufacturer of premium, comfort-designed disposable trocar kits and reusable trocar sets for all pellet therapy. FDA registered, ISO 13485 Certified for quality management systems, and queer family-owned, Kadara is a leading trocar supplier to medical professionals who offer hormone replacement therapy, for every letter as represented by LGBTQ+.