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4.5mm Titanium Reusable Trocar Set

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kadara™ medical is passionate about our customers and our products.  That is why we’ve created a line of premium Reusable Trocar Sets that will help you tailor your procedural technique.

The 4.5mm Premium Titanium Reusable Trocar Set is made in America and manufactured on precision CNC machines from one solid piece of metal to eliminate bending and mitigate crushing: allowing for smooth transitions between three-piece sets.

Our unique diamond tip glides through the subcutaneous tissue by parting, not cutting compared to the traditional bevel style.  This may lead to less patient trauma by potential reduction in scar tissue and bruising, encouraging repeated procedures.
All Reusable Trocar Sets are interchangeable within sizes, no matching required.

Reusable Trocar Set Includes:
1 – 4.5mm Titanium Cannula
1- Sharp Obturator
1- Blunt Obturator

Enhance your procedure by pairing your Reusable Trocar Set with our premium Add-On Bundle (82062) or Disposable Procedure Tray Only (19100) that includes everything required to set your attention on a prioritized patient connection.

As a family-owned business, kadara™ medical focuses on quality and connection. Our ISO 13485 Compliant Quality Management System, coupled with our strict adherence to FDA regulations, pushes the standard for our premium unrivaled Reusable Trocar Sets.