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Reusable Add-On Bundle

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Premium PST Sterilization Tray and Bundle include
top-of-the-line PST Tray, 2 oz. Stainless Steel Pellet
Cup and Stainless Steel Forceps.
Molded from General Electric’s ULTEN resin to guarantee product strength, structural integrity, and extended life cycle
  • Forceps have grooved tips to prevent dropping pellets
  • Sterilized by all standard methods
  • Unique “Grid” system

The components included:
1 - Sterilization Tray
1 - Stainless Steel Forceps
1 - Stainless Steel Pellet Cup

As a family-owned business, kadara™ medical focuses on quality and connection. Our ISO 13485 Compliant Quality Management System, coupled with our strict adherence to FDA regulations, pushes the standard for our premium unrivaled Disposable Trocar Kits & Reusable Trocar Sets.