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Reusable Add-On Bundle

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Premium PST Sterilization Tray and Bundle include

top-of-the-line PST Tray, 2 oz. Stainless Steel Pellet

Cup and Stainless Steel Forceps.

Molded from General Electric’s ULTEN resin to guarantee product strength, structural integrity, and extended life cycle

• Forceps have grooved tips to prevent dropping pellets

• Sterilized by all standard methods

• Unique “Grid” system

The components included:
1 - Sterilization Tray
1 - Stainless Steel Forceps
1 - Stainless Steel Pellet Cup

As a family-owned business, kadara™ medical focuses on quality and connection. Our ISO 13485 Quality Management System, coupled with our strict adherence to FDA regulations, pushes the standard for our premium unrivaled Disposable Trocar Kits.